British Fibres & Fleece sourced in Cumbria

Raw Fleeces currently in stock
Professionally processed slythers & batts
 Carded Super Batts 
approx 70 grms. each

Unwashed, skirted raw fleece.

£12 - £20 per fleece depending on weight, breed and availability

Jacob (brown / white)


Black Welsh (true 'black') 

Cheviot (cream)



Lleyn (cream)


Slythers come in a continuous rope of fluffy cleaned and carded fibres. Batts come a fluffy sheets. 


Balwen / Alpaca Blend         £8.00 per 100g

Jacob mix (coffee coloured)£7.00 per 100g

Herdwick batts                      £7.00 per 100g










Carefully carded on a Jumbo Electric Carder

Suffolk (cream)

Jacob  brown / grey/ white colour blend 

Cheviot (white) 

Beltex (white)

Welsh Llyen (white)

Black Welsh (true black)

Manx Loughtan (light tan) 

Coloured Ryeland  (grey marl) 

Blue Texel (blue/grey)

£5.00 per super batt

Shetland Cream

Shetland Grey

Sheltand  Morit (brown) OUT OF STOCK

£6.50 per super batt


Pencil Rovings professionally washed and pre-drafted

Ready to spin / ply/ felt. Makes perfectly consistent DK/ Chunky / Super Chunky wool. 

White Texel / Alpaca Blend    £8.00 per 50g
Coffee Jacob / Alpaca Blend  £8.00 per 50g

Washed Fleece

Carefully hand washed in soft rainwater with an organic scour. As available   £6.00 per 100g. 

Jacob (white / brown)

Shetland (various)

Cheviot (cream)

Black Welsh (true black)


Cartmel Hand-spun yarn is made of 100% pure wool from rare breed self coloured sheep reared in the English Lake District.  The wool comes in a wide range of natural colours varying from deep brown, through grey and beige to near white. These are carefully blended to showcase their beautiful natural colours. Hand-spun fibres have naturally occurring irregularities which add to the distinctive character of the yarn.

As no two sheep are the same each individually produced batch of yarn is unique. As available 

Handspun Yarns