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Cartmel Hand Spinning School


Cartmel Hand-spinning School was set up by hand spinner Elaine Ware in November 2013. It started small and grew. Today, in 2022, over 250 people from around the globe have learned the ancient craft of hand spinning here at Cartmel Handspun. 


We believe our ‘school’ for spinning, (and now weaving), is unique. The focus is on in depth learning in a dedicated well equipped environment with an optimum opportunity for personal tuition. The aim is to positively nurture the current revival of interest in all things woolly. 


Courses run throughout the year. Most course groups small to provide maximum one-to-one attention. 


Elaine Ware learned to spin over 60 years ago whilst at primary school. Since Cartmel Handspun began in 2013, students of all ages and from all walks of life have come from across the UK, Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, and the Americas. 

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